MRC Team Completes the Agility Leadership & Management Program

MRC Team Completes the Agility Leadership & Management Program

At the Beginning of This Year, The Metal Recycling Company embarked on a unique leadership development journey with “Agility” in its well-known training program “The Agility Leadership & Management Program” – ALMP – that will make such a difference and add real value to the business results.

The main aim of ALMP is to introduce the Managers to Leadership & Management principles and thereby improving skills, attitudes, and abilities resulting in enhanced performance of both leaders and their teams.

A team of MRC’s Managers successfully participated in & completed a 6-Months intensive training program, during that training, the team managed to achieve and perform many activities upon program completion. The MRC Managers Generated and finalized several projects that will make a significant impact on their business performance. This training program was a great chance to gain valuable knowledge and expertise.

The MRC Participants feedback upon completing the ALMP:

Hisham Yousef – MRC’s CFO: – The training provided a nice balance between theory & practice, life & work and time management. The ALMP materials was helpful, simple, and easy to follow and gave us a set of practical tools use in work & life.

At last would like to thank the MRC management for the very valuable training. I really enjoyed it, and appreciate that they made it fun!

Wael El Mola – MRC’s Project Manager: – The training is the backbone for Agility growth potential and lead the future leaders for innovation and creativity. The ALMP was beyond my expectation; the program coaches’ team are very professional and they do know how to invest in the human capital. One if the main benefits for me as a leader is to consider balance between work & life, the practice simply “It’s your ship”!

Ashraf Kobari – MRC’s Logistics Manager: – The training program was very benefiting work wise as well as personal, I wish to practice in similar or higher level programs in future.

Overall, the ALMP gone beyond my expectations by the quality of knowledge I have gained, and the professional way that ALMP management team delivered this knowledge to us.