About Us

MRC is a leading eco-industrial company headquartered and listed in Kuwait. Environmentally and socially committed, MRC has been offering sustainable waste management, recycling and industrial solutions to government, oil and gas, petrochemicals, manufacturing and commercial clients since 1987.

With our strategic industrial land within its eco-industrial parks in Kuwait, MRC builds partnerships and joint ventures with clients to support their needs in necessary industrial infrastructure and support services. Today, the Company continues to position itself as a key contributor to the strategic product and service offerings of a consistently growing sector.

In its operations, MRC adopts the highest global standards of quality and environmental sustainability and is both ISO and OHSAS certified. Through its various subsidiaries, MRC offers extended capabilities in hazardous waste management, HVAC and facilities management services.

Guided by the ‘New Kuwait Vision 2035’, MRC is spearheading the country’s eco-industrial evolution, working with various government bodies, research institutions, manufacturing and industrial heavyweights to develop Kuwait’s sustainable future and transform the industrial landscape through collaboration, synergy and partnership.