MRC, EQUATE Sign 3 Years Waste Management Contract 11/4/2017

MRC, EQUATE Sign 3 Years Waste Management Contract 11/4/2017


The Metal & Recycling Company , the leading eco industrial company in Kuwait, signed a three-year renewable agreement with EQUATE Petrochemical Company, a global producer of petrochemicals, to provide a value added waste management, logistics, recycling and marketing solution for EQUATE’s scrap. MRC was contracted to collect all waste on-site, using 25 large containers placed at strategic locations at EQUATE’s industrial complex, then forward the contents regularly to specialized facilities at MRC for treatment, where they would be recycled into high standard raw materials suitable for manufacturing, and shipped to customers outside the MENA region.

Over the three year period of the agreement, an estimated 20,000 tons of scrap material will be processed. MRC provides a range of waste management solutions for oil & gas and petrochemical sector companies, and is known for offering practical and cost effective solutions for handling industrial and hazardous waste, as well the recycling of scrap and waste products of the commercial and construction sectors. “Environmentally committed, MRC is always exploring sustainability solutions that help our clients reduce their waste footprint,” said Tarek Al Mousa — Vice Chairman and CEO, MRC. “We’re pleased to partner with EQUATE to provide a cost-effective, economically feasible and environmentally friendly solution that ensures all scraps are turned into valuable industrial raw material.” “MRC looks forward to working together with the oil & gas and petrochemicals sector to develop Kuwait’s sustainable future and ensure that the sector maximizes its positive role,” added Al Mousa.

“As we work to transform the industrial landscape through such collaborations, we ensure that we remain true to Kuwait’s vision of high standards of quality and environmental sustainability.” MRC is a leading eco industrial company headquartered and listed in Kuwait. Environmentally and socially committed, MRC has been offering sustainable waste management, recycling and manufacturing solutions to government, oil & gas, petrochemicals, industrial and commercial clients since 1987. In its work, MRC adopts the highest global standards of quality and environmental sustainability and is both ISO and OHSAS certified. Through its various subsidiaries, MRC offers extended capabilities in hazardous waste management, HVAC and facilities management services. Guided by ‘New Kuwait — Vision 2035’, MRC is spearheading the country’s eco industrial evolution: working with various government bodies, research institutions, manufacturing and industrial heavyweights to develop Kuwait’s sustainable future and transform the industrial landscape through collaboration, synergy and partnership.